Video Education on Demand - SkillPill

This looks like a really cool idea for on demand video education.

From SkillPill's website:

"What is skill-pill? Skill-Pill is a truly innovative solution for just-in-time learning and information using mobile devices - cell phone, Blackberry, video iPod or smart phone. Skill-Pills are concise video briefings delivered by mobile device to an executive just before those skills or information are needed.

Each download comprises up to 2 minutes of rich media content consisting of information as well as motivational prompts to encourage optimum performance from that individual. The pill is delivered to your phone via an SMS and acts as a memory prompt. The briefing is succinct and concise providing just enough information just-in-time. Skill-Pills are linked to your electronic calendar management system and you can specify when you want one sent to your phone - just before key events in your working week."

Has anyone tried this service out yet?

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