Free Video Converter - Blackberry Video Conversion using Handbrake

Blackberry Video Conversion for the 8800 & 8300 using Handbrake

Many thanks to jes5910 on the Handbrake Forum for discovering these settings for the Blackberry 8800 (which is the same resolution as the Blackberry Curve 8300).

HandBrake Settings for Blackberry Video Encoding

Format: MP4
Codec: MPEG-4 Video/AAC Audio
Frame rate: 15fps
Encoder: FFMpeg
Frame rate: 15fps
Quality: Avg Bitrate 1500 kpbs
Unchecked chapter markers
Output: 320 x 128 (kept aspect ratio for widescreen version)
BB screen size is 320x240 so if you keep aspect ratio just set the first # to 320 and the second will default
I have not had a chance to try this but will in the next few days.

Has anyone else tried this setup? Leave a comment and let us all know.


David said...

Hi Steve,

I found the same information from Jess and used it on a full length DVD. The only difference was that I checked the chapter markers setting. This may be the reason that it seems to drop picture after about 5 minutes (sound still plays). I also get an error message.

I will try again with the chapter markers turned off and see what i get. By the way, when it is working, it looks beautiful.

Steve said...

@David, I have not tried Handbrake yet. I have used Videora and it works great!
Make sure you are encoding video as MPEG4 and NOT H.264. The Blackberry can't play it. If you only get audio this is probably the problem.

Also, I'm putting out an ebook on Blackberry Video by year end. If you are interested in review an early release let me know.


dvdme said...

Hey there everyone,
I had no luck with Handbrake. However, I have successfully created and converted some videos for my BlackBerry Curve 8300 and the screen resolution suggested above is for an aspect ratio of 5:2. This seems a little strange to me.

I rendered the videos with Adobe After Affects (uncompressed AVI) with a 16:9 ratio at 320x180 (15fps) Then I converted (to mp4) with Roxio Media Manager (Provided with the BB) and this filled the screen completely.

If I can help anyone, you can contact me through my website at

Hope this helps someone.


Johnson said...

Great, i also find a DVD and video to BlackBerry Curve 8300, 8900 guide. someone may need it.