How-to Convert DVDs to Blackberry Video Converter Tutorial

Blackberry's are fun but sometimes you want something more than email. Take the time to convert a few movies to Blackberry video and make your co-workers jealous!

Follow these directions and you will be watching video in no time.

Here is a quick tutorial for converting DVDs to Blackberry videos. When I have time I will make a tutorial specific to the Blackberry.

Special Note: Purchase a 2-4 GB micro SD card for your Blackberry before you install any videos. I bought a 2 GB card for $29. Check here for good prices.

5 Steps to Create DVDs to Blackberry Videos

1. For Encrypted DVDs convert the DVD with DVD Shrink. Save the output as an ISO image on your harddrive.

Here is an excellent tutorial on how to do that.

Make sure you have plenty of diskspace on your drive. DVDs in ISO format average 4-8 GB to store. Once you have converted the video in the next step you can delete the ISO file.

2. Download Blackberry Video Convert and install it on you computer.

Blackberry Video Converter Steps

3. Select Welcome tab and Choose or Change Device. Select either the Pearl (240x260) or 88xx & Curve (320x240). This set the device resolution for the video file.

4. Select the Quick Convert File button. Blackberry Video Convert does not say it will support ISO files but it does. Select All Files in the browse window and locate the ISO file you created with DVD Shrink and select it.

Blackberry Video Converter will start a new command window for the encoder to convert the file from ISO to AVI. This will create a new file with an AVI extension for Blackberry.

5. Install the video file to your Blackberry with Rozio or installed to the memory card by copying it over.

That's it! Start the Media Player on your Blackberry and watch the video. Also, the default Windows Media Player does play the file. Don't worry it will play fine on your Blackberry.

Enjoy converting and watching movies on your Blackberry.

Has anyone else tried converting video for Blackberries? How did you do it?


Tre Lawrence said...

Steve... some help needed here if you don't mind.

I got all the way to the BB Video conversion; found the file, and followed your instructions. When the command box entered, it was full of errors: cannot seek backward in linear streams (this is repeated 4 or 5 times), then a lot of gibberish, and then an error "cannot open output file". What gives?

Anyway, thanks for everything on your site!

Steve said...


It sounds like the file format is incorrect. What file format did you output the video to?

Usually the files play fine with the error messages. In fact, in genera, when there are error messages I don't worry about them too much from Blackberry video converter. Some of these come from variable bit rate encoded DVDs.

casio said...

i can't figure out how to create an iso file using dvd shrink v3.2. it created 4 files labeled vts_01_1, 01_2, etc. i made an iso file using dvd decrypter, but it was of the entire dvd. i think you can break down the dvd, but i don't think you can view the individual files like with dvd shrink.
great blog, it's helped me a lot!

Steve said...

It sounds like you have DVD Shrink set to divide the file in 1 GB chunks (default setting). Here is how to check and change it:

Select Edit, Preferences. This will open the Preference section. Next select the Output Files tab. Uncheck “Split VOB files into 1GB size chunks (recommended).” If you leave this checked the output file will be in several files and not one complete file. Press the Ok button to save the changes.

You can also create an ISO file with DVD Shrink by following the next steps:

Create an ISO File
Click on the Backup button and on the next screen the first field will say Hard drive as the output. If you click on this field you can select Hard drive or ISO. Select ISO and an image file will be created.

Then save the image to your drive and use that with Blackberry Video Converter.


CrayDeng said...

I don't use shrink cauz it always freez my computer, here is my BB DVD and video converter.

It's a shareware, but more stable than free stuff I used before.

You guys may take a look.